" 2 Survivor "
100x150 Akryl & Spray
" Eyes on me "
100x120 cm Akryl & Spray for sale
Gravity of love
100x80 cm akryl
" Winters Tale "
Akryl & spray 100x100 cm
150x200 cm akryl
Brother under the sun
150x150 cm akryl
150x200 cm Akryl
60x90 cm Akryl
Where the lost ones go
70x90 cm Akryl
Rosina & Honesto
100x120 cm Akryl
My art is my passion and project of life and I want to share it all with you - Welcome to Hall Art! 
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 Art tell A store, let me tell yours througt paint - Quote Dina Hall 2015
Ordering and sales of painting with specializing in realistic and abstract motives, especially animals.
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