Do you dream of a personal painting of your horse / animal, where personality and soul emerge? I happily paint the portrait you want, with my interpretation and scatter. I love these tasks and take great pride in performing an amazing result from the very finest materials.

Danish Royal horse, my interpretation

guidance and considerations

  To make a nice and well-liked result, it is important that you have good image material and made considerations about the background. I have made a small guide to what I need. You are of course always welcome to contact me for further questions.

Reference image

  • The image must be over 1Mb and digital
  • The image must be in good quality so that all details can be seen. A gritty image can not be used
  • Think about how the light falls, the best thing is that the light falls so details can be seen in the head
  • It must not be over- or under-illuminated
  • Think about how the horse stands

image 1 is too gritty and dark - image 2 is light and clear. All details can be seen.

Picture 1 the light falls incorrectly and the horse becomes too dark -  Picture 2 the light hits the horse really so all details can be seen, as well as the color of the horse.

Unwanted items

Such as bridle or rider I can usually remove if it does not overshadow important details.


At the start, we agree on a suitable background. As a rule, I make backgrounds in earth tones with abstract lines or completely black. See some of my paintings in the gallery. The background is one of the first things I paint, so feel free to think about how it will fit in the painting and in your home. The background can be changed along the way if it does not become the desired result in the end.


When I start with your painting, we have a close dialogue. I send pictures of the process along the way. You are welcome to make suggestions, changes, but as a starting point it is best to see if something needs to be changed when the painting is finished. You get a picture of the finished result, and when it is approved, the painting must be laqured. This takes about a week

Time Horizon

As a rule, I give a time horizon, but since I want to immerse myself in painting, it will be difficult for me to set an exact date. When ordering, there may well be a waiting time as I receive many orders. So contact me well in advance if it is for a gift.


When ordering, 50% of the painting price is paid, the rest when it is finished, either by pick-up or shipment. If you cancel an order, the deposit will not be refunded. If I have to cancel for any reason, the full amount will be refunded.

Examples of prices and sizes -

50x60 cm  530 euro

70x90 cm  802 euro

80x100 cm 1070 euro

100x120 cm  1600 euro

The price is for 1 animal. For more horses write to me for quotes.

I can supply all sizes. Payment - Cash, or transfer

Please contact me for questions and order +45 30134148

or use contact form