Dina Hall

Dina Hall was born in 1984 in Denmark and is a descendant of the Carl Christian Hall family, Danish national minister of state 1812-1888.

 Self-taught visual artist living in Karise on Zealand.

 Qualified zookeeper specializing in animal technique.


 I have been painting wild animals and horses since I was 10 years old. As a child, I sat in my room and drew from horse and animal magazines. I read books about drawing and painting techniques, my dream was to recreate the horse and wild animals canvas. My whole family had horses back then, so the interest in horses has always been very big with me. But was often told that there was not no future in painting, it actually made me even more so passionate and motivated - because I had to show them that it was there!

 Through the last few years I have practiced my painting technique, studied the anatomy of the horse and animals, and taken courses. It takes time to immerse yourself in the art world. I have chosen to specialize in wild animals and the horse as a motif in a realistic style, as my great passion lies there.

 I always paint from a photo and preferably my own - Goes around the zoo and finds my inspiration, the better the photo the more fun it is detail the work,  I work a lot of light and shadow in the painting and every stroke is well thought out.

Before the start of a painting, the subject is carefully considered, background colors and size. the quality of the materials I use are the best on the market.

 My husband make my canvases and otherwise I get them from a sustainable Danish frame factory. The medium I paint with is Golden Fluid, which is a liquid highly pigmented acrylic paint. A painting must last for many years, therefore the quality must also be one top!


I had a dream to exhibit and show my art but was very unsure at the time. In 2017 dare I jump into it and go to my first exhibition and no less than Scandinavia's largest art fair Art Nordic. It was a huge success for me and my confidence. After that it took off and participates in numerous fairs and exhibitions.

 My passion is to create unique and fantastic works that will be admired and enjoyed for many years. The future stands on a lot of new projects and development.