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Atelier Karise Danmark

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Store hestedag 2-3 september 2023 denmark
Berlin The Creative Mind Experience 13-15 Oktober 2023
Jagt og Outdoor i odense 5-7 April 2024 Denmark

Dina Hall
Artist with a passion for wild animals

Dina Hall is a Danish artist specializing in wild animals, especially the big cats and the horse has her love. She has worked professionally with art for over 17 years, and has her studio in Denmark. Dina paints in acrylic and the backgrounds with a metallic effect, which makes the motif come alive. Many of her paintings are life size and take about 1-5 months to complete. Dina finds her inspiration in her own reference photos that she takes in zoos and animal parks in Denmark and abroad. " each work is carefully planned and has my full attention. I love to create a work that admires and creates joy. I find peace in the process and feel a soulful moment with the animal I paint. I feel very lucky to be able to combine my love for animals with my passion for art "


Painting after photo

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